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Vantage Physicians Explain Adult Vaccinations

With the news of measles, mumps, and influenza outbreaks we have had several phone calls about vaccinations for adults. The need for immunizations doesn’t end when you become an adult. Immunity from previous vaccinations can wear off, placing you at risk for evolving diseases. Vaccines are as important to your overall health as diet and […]

Dr. Samantha Ritchie Discusses the Impact of Time Changes

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, November 3, we set our clocks back one hour, so that 2 a.m. becomes 1 a.m. This theoretically means that we gain one extra hour of sleep that night, so you might expect that this would make you feel more rested. Lots of people are chronically sleep deprived, […]

Exercise Tips for Better Health from Vantage Physicians

No time to exercise?  Got seven minutes? I recently went to the American Academy  of Family Physicians’ annual convention, in San Diego.  There  were quite a few talks about exercise and diet, and I learned some helpful strategies that I’d  like to share with you.   As you probably know,  eating right and exercising are at […]

Vantage Physicians Shed Light On Sunscreens

It’s summer here in Thurston County, and it’s time to put on the sunscreen. The FDA is in the process of changing how sunscreens are labeled, although this won’t actually take effect until December. Labels on sunscreens can be very confusing. Read more at thurstontalk.com

Vantage Physicians Changing Health Care In Olympia

“We work directly for our patients,” says Dr. Erin Kershisnik, a family physician with Vantage Physicians along with Dr. Samantha Ritchie.  “We know who we work for and therefore we do what’s best for the patient.” The family physicians at Vantage Physicians operate their office as a direct medical practice. Read more at thurstontalk.com