Patient Comments



“Dr. Kershisnik & her partner Dr. Ritchie from Vantage Physicians are the best doctors I have ever been a patient of. Both take the time needed to listen to your concerns. Both are very knowledgeable. Dr. Kershisnik has come to the house to check up on both my mom & son when she felt that was the best chose for their care. She has come to the hospital and been my rock when my son was in critical condition and almost did not make it. She has also sat with me when my son has needed surgery until the surgeon gave us an update on how he was doing. She is very concerned about her patients and will call or email just to get an update on how things are going.”

— K. Cox”


“Wouldn’t go anywhere else, as long as I have my say. Have been through a lot with Dr. K. Not sure I could have done it without her.

-Wayne Schwenneker”


“I am soooo grateful for the incredible care I receive here in such a timely fashion. Both of these physicians are totally committed to providing concierge Health Care to each patient. Their expertise as Primary Care Physicians never cease to amaze me . I am a retired RN, ARNP and Certified Nurse Midwife with over 40 years experience and I believe this practice is simply The Best!!!

– Melissa Jackson

“The office staff are friendly and helpful, making appointments, prescriptions, calling the pharmacy, copying records, conducting tests, needed blood work etc., everything in a timely manner. We are always eager to tell family and friends about the benefits of belonging to what we consider the best family physician clinic in the area.

– Jack and Betty Weil

“I would feel very comfortable referring Vantage Physicians to anyone for the following reasons. 
In my younger years I never went to the doctor unless it was in the back of an ambulance, but as I am getting older and not healing quite as fast I used to, I went to a clinic a couple years ago when I strained my back. I swore I would never go back to another doctor’s office because they shuttled me, as well as the other patients there, like cattle through the milking parlor on the farm I grew up on. Not to mention the hours of waiting to be seen. I don’t think the doctor at the local clinic even looked me in the eye; she was just going through the motions to get me out the door and the next person in. 
 Someone told me about Vantage Physicians, and with my kids hounding me to see a doctor, I agreed to give it a try. I was happily surprised of the one-on-one attention I got from Dr. Erin Kershisnik on my first visit, and when she was not available Dr. Ritchie was quick to answer my needs. I am a bit a trouble patient due to my job – I spend a lot of time traveling – but when I am in town they always find the time to see me if I have a problem. 
Everyone at Vantage Physicians is always a pleasure to see and always there to help from the gals at the front desk to the gal that draws blood. Some things I really like are: the time saver of just having the $95.00 charged to my credit card; I never have to fill out a bunch of paper work when I go in; I have never waited more than maybe 10 minutes to be seen; and they take the time to make sure any work done outside their office accepts my insurance. I don’t refer many things, but would be very comfortable putting my name with Vantage Physicians.

To put all in a nut shell, it reminds me of the family doctor experience I had as kid where the doctor knows your name, your family, your unique circumstances, and most importantly that you are a person not just another cow getting pushed through the milking parlor.”