Our Practice

Vantage Physicians, serving Olympia and surrounding areas since 2006, is a Direct Medical Practice: a unique and growing model of healthcare where the consumer pays the physician a direct monthly fee. This billing process reduces paperwork as well as the labor and waste involved in billing and rebilling insurance carriers. We are a full-service family care, primary care and geriatric care clinic. We strive to get to know our patients well and provide personal services such as house calls, physician phone and email visits.

We decided to become a concierge practice because the current medical system was not meeting the needs of our patients. Many patients were frustrated by poor access to their doctor, long waiting times for short appointments, slow responses to phone messages, and physicians who no longer called on their patients in the hospital or nursing home. We knew that on average 40 cents of every dollar our patients spent was wasted on trying to get their insurance companies to pay for their care.

The reason our doctors have chosen to work this way is to be able to spend more time with their patients. Not working with insurance companies is a great way to free up time otherwise spent doing insurance paperwork. Our standard appointment is 30 minutes long; up to 90 minutes if need be. We save a block of same day and next day appointments for urgent and emergent needs. Our doctors will return phone calls or communicate via email if you’re comfortable with that. Heaven forbid you should end up in the hospital, but if you do and you’re at St. Pete’s, you’ll receive a visit from your own doctor. If you can’t make it into the office, and live within the service area, our doctors will also make house calls. If you have an urgent need and your doctor is out of the office, her partner will be happy to see you. We offer in-depth, personalized health care that you can’t get from a traditional insurance-reimbursed physician.